We developed an exclusive polishing technique keeping dimension, shape, sharp edges and close tolerances. Our fine craftsmen can achieve any level of required finish. We have the facilities to polish molds of any size. We are one of the few companies in the United States that specialize in SPI and RA finishing on all types of molds. When a mold is nearing completion, and a polisher is faced with several hundred hours of polishing with only a few days to complete it, it's time to look for immediate help.
With our man power we can usually assign several polishers to a single job to help complete it on time. It is not unusual for five of our polishers to be on the same job, thereby accomplishing a week's work in a single day. The advantage to having experienced polishers on our staff offers a great deal of flexibility in helping a customer solve a delivery problem. Since 1980 the Mold Polishing Company has been helping the tool & die industries meet dead-lines with our quick turn-around.

Distance is not a problem !

Our company ships molds to all 50 states, Mexico and Canada by Federal Express and United Parcel Service, using their overnight services. For large, heavy molds, we employ other carriers that are accustomed to fast delivery for heavy loads. Send or E-Mail us your blue print for a quick quotation. We have a strong reputation for providing the best quality with the utmost efficiency.


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